4 Strategies to Slow Down Your Racing Thoughts

Have you ever wondered how many people spend hours each day? Did you know that most people waste their time on small pay jobs? And that is why most people do not achieve anything in life. Today I will pen down five powerful production tips that allow you to make more money in less time.

I want you to think for a moment about how many hours a day you spend at work? And what is the amount of time for actual work-related activities? If you are like most people, not all of your hours are equally productive.

To increase my efficiency, I plan every hour of my day. I also think about how quickly and efficiently I work and always look for ways to do things better. Over time, I have learned some powerful techniques for staying organized.

Focus on Making Money by Setting Weekly Goals

People always ask me – Baseerat, how can you do so much?

First of all, I have to say, what you see on social media is just a fraction of what I do. You don’t see all the meetings, behind the scenes, the decisions; you don’t see any of that.

And you don’t get to this level of production overnight. It’s like going to the gym. First, you start with 5 pounds, then 7 pounds, and then work upwards. After doing it for a few weeks, you will be amazed at how much you do. But it would be great if you had a great strategy to get there.

Every week I set at least five income-related goals that increase my income sources. Most people do not do that. They do not set weekly goals or set unreasonable goals for themselves that do not improve their financial performance.

But setting goals alone does not mean that you are productive. If you want to make a lot of money, your goals should go hand in hand. So think of five reasonable goals you can set for yourself today, and then go on to spend them.

Ask production questions to make more money in less time

If you’ve been talking to me, or you may have been following my work for a while, you know I’m a big believer in strategic planning.

What and how do you think it has a direct impact on how you spend your time. Unfortunately, most people never spend enough time thinking about things and making plans where they want to be in 5 or 10 years.

Do you think that’s the way successful people work?

If not, let me tell you that you become part of someone else’s plan if you don’t have a plan.

That’s why I like to spend at least an hour a week asking solid questions that guide me to produce and make a lot of money.Now you might ask what kind of questions …

Here is just a sample:

What can I improve in my business this week?

What have I learned this week, and what can I do better next week?

What can I do better, faster, or with less effort?

What can I bring out to someone better and more loved?

What are the things in my business that I can remove?

The last question is compelling. We people tend to add too many things to our lives and forget to remove unnecessary. Most people think, “What do I need to succeed?” But almost no one asks, “What should I get rid of so that I can get what I want faster and more easily?”

Have you ever seen people collect all kinds of jokes at home? People are afraid to let go. But sometimes, this is what you have to do if you want to be more successful. So what questions should you ask yourself? And what are some of the things you need to get rid of in your life and business so that you can make more money and be more productive?

Prioritize Your Tasks With Production Quadrant

Now I want to give you a valuable tool in practice. This method is called the production quadrant, and I learned from Stephen R. Covey, author of the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

It is a way of prioritizing tasks and eliminating unimportant things. Now, what are the steps to improve your product and make more money with the production quadrant?

First, make a list of 4 to 5 tasks you do regularly. Now divide all activities into four categories.

It is urgent and important

It’s not compulsory, but it’s important

It’s urgent, and it doesn’t matter

It’s not urgent, and it doesn’t matter

The last point also includes “no” for most non-profit jobs. A few months ago, while I was doing copywriting and transactions, I was always helping people whenever I could.

On one occasion, I was in my home office when a gentleman called me and asked me a million questions. We spent a good hour on the phone; I gave him my best ideas and tricks, he said thank you before getting off the phone.

My friend at the time heard the conversation and could not believe how stupid I was. He pointed out that I had paid my advisor for his advice. I paid for the meetings. But why would I give my advice for free if my counsellors didn’t do it?

Giving free advice while building my business was not the best way to use my time.

What he said made sense to me, so I told him about my advisory money when the next gentleman called and asked me these questions. He said, “Oh, well, how much do you charge?” I took my time to respond. After that, we agreed on a price, and so I got my first official consultation client.

Do you see how powerful this tactic is? Just think how productive you will be if you apply this strategy to your business.

Script your day

Did you know that a lot of people are jam-packed in making money? What do I mean by that?

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, most people spend a lot of time in busy activities such as checking emails, replying to workmates, or arranging papers. But being busy is another form of laziness. It delays people from getting the things that matter most. Have you ever seen someone so busy that he could not accomplish much?

When I talk about scripting your day, I’m not talking about being an actor and following the text.

Scripting your day means planning your day.

Each hour of the next day, you decide what you will do, where, when.

By writing your day, you create a list of things to do. What are your goals for the day, and what needs to be done before the end of the day? When you think of your day as a limited time to complete a set of tasks, then prioritize what is most important to your business and your time.

Here’s a bonus tip for planning your day. Think about your vision and your business goal.

When scripting your day, you want to plan activities that bring you closer to accomplishing your task.

Improve Work Performance With ROTI

As a leader, my goal is not to do the job but to make sure the job is done. I delegate tasks to my team, and my dedicated team members complete each task as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

My role is to look at the big picture. To make my team as productive as possible, I developed strategies and how the process would work. The unit uses the system and assembles the pieces like a puzzle.

Anyone in my team knows I don’t want to be told about pains; I want to see the results once given the road map.

One thing I always remember here is ROTI. ROTI is to return over time investment. Many people have never heard of this name. You always want to ask yourself, ‘What is the return on investment?’ In my case, I also ask what is the ROTI for my team.

But if you don’t have a team yet. Start by asking yourself, ‘What will you do with your investment? Time is the most precious resource we have. We can upgrade other services such as cash. But when the time is up, it goes away forever.

Your time, knowledge, and energy are essential to you. Customers change, money changes, everything in your business changes, but time is running out. The moment you spend reading this is gone forever.

Most entrepreneurs think that the only person who can do things better with their business is them. This holds many business owners back from growing their ROTI. As a leader, I have to overlook when my people make mistakes.

I have to let them do the job, and if they don’t do it the way I want to, that’s fine. When I transfer jobs and release information, my organization becomes more productive.

Are you striving to produce and make money?

If you set aside your goals for leadership and don’t get the things that matter most, the problem may be elsewhere. Maybe you are no longer motivated by what you do? Or perhaps you don’t get paid as much as you deserve?

Or maybe you have to work ten hours a day in two or three jobs to make a living?

If this is the case with you, I urge you to improve your high-end financial skills first before doing anything else. Why? Because high-income skills can make you money, you need to pay off your debts while freeing up the most valuable asset you have, your time.

The ability to earn a lot of money can make you six figures or more income. But before jumping to conclusions, you must first identify which skill is best suited to your personality. Otherwise, you may end up in the wrong place. I will come up with new ideas and skillsets for my next blog post. I am here to inspire you and help you work for it. Let’s start this journey together.

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